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AT 1600
Intro To Athletic Train
AT 1800
Athl Train Clinical Lab I
AT 2005
Concepts In Athletic Training
AT 2100
Emergent Care Strategies
AT 2300
Man Eval Tech Joint Movement
AT 2400
Medical Condit & Disabil
AT 2600
Athl Train Clinical Lab II
AT 2700
Athl Train Clinical Lab III
AT 3000
Athl Train Clinical Lab IV
AT 3010
Therap Med In Rehab Sciences
AT 3215
Athl Trn Clin Org & Admn
AT 3400
Athl Train Clinical Lab V
AT 3520
Instructional Assistance
AT 3537
Spec Topics Athletic Training
AT 3545
Boc Exam Preparation
AT 3600
Ortho Clinic Evaluat Diagn I
AT 3610
Therap Modal & Interv Strat I
AT 3615
Ortho Clinic Evaluat Diagn II
AT 3620
Condition Rehabilitat Exer I
AT 3625
Condition Rehabilitat Exer II
AT 4000
Athl Train Clinical Lab Vi
AT 4025
Therap Modal & Interv Strat II
AT 4030
Evidence-Based Pract Ath Train
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