ART 4351 - Studio Seminar III

Studio Seminar III prepares students for creating a coherent body of work in ART 4852 (Senior Studio). These two courses, taken in sequence, provide an opportunity for advanced students to demonstrate an emerging intellectual, visual and technical maturity in respect to their own work. Studio Seminar III includes planning and writing an exhibition proposal; reading relevant art criticism and theory; writing a research paper and documenting the progress of one's work through sketches, models, studio projects, and oral presentations. This course is an opportunity for students to articulate meaningful ideas and integrate them with studio practice. Prerequisites: ART 3015 and completion of a minimum of 27 semester hours of studio electives. Prerequisite or co-requisite: at least one of the following courses: ART 4300, ART 4301, ART 4307, ART 4308, ART 4309, ART 4325, ART 4326. Lecture and Studio four hours.
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