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ART 1001
Foundations I
ART 1002
Foundations II
ART 1003
Foundations Drawing
ART 1005
Studio Seminar I
ART 1020
Core Studio I
ART 1021
Core Studio II
ART 1102
Intro To Graphic Design
ART 2007
Clay I: Handbuilding
ART 2008
Fibers: Surface Design
ART 2009
Metalsmith Jwlry Dsgn I: Fabrc
ART 2011
Introduction To Visual Arts
ART 2016
Intro To Studio Art & Design
ART 2018
ART 2019
Art For Social Change
ART 2022
Cult Crtv Exprssn Tgh Vis Arts
ART 2025
Printmaking: Relief
ART 2026
Photographic Design I
ART 2030
Art From Prehistory To 1400
ART 2035
Seminar In Visual Culture
ART 2040
Clay I: Mold-Making & Casting
ART 2050
Clay: Methods & Materials
ART 2100
Painting I
ART 2101
Sculpture: Casting
ART 2102
Typography I
ART 2103
Drawing II
ART 2104
Digital Imaging
ART 2105
Design For Digital Fabrication
ART 2107
Clay I: Throwing
ART 2125
Printmaking: Screenprinting
ART 2130
Art From 1400 To The Present
ART 2201
Sculpture: Fabrication
ART 2222
Intro To Art Education
ART 2230
His Of Graphic Design
ART 2302
ART 2420
Child As Cultural Construct
ART 2444
Mat'L & Processes In Art Ed
ART 2500
Mixed Media & Color Theory
ART 2601
Textile Design
ART 2602
Fibers: Weaving I
ART 3007
Clay II: Handbuilding
ART 3009
Mtlsmth & Jewlry Dsgn II-Cast
ART 3013
Intro Ny/Wash Art Scene
ART 3015
Sophomore / Junior Seminar
ART 3017
Fibers: Weaving II
ART 3021
Visual Art In Elem School
ART 3022
Art Educ: Birth Through Six
ART 3040
Clay II: Mold Making & Casting
ART 3050
Digital Photographic Design
ART 3100
Painting II
ART 3102
Typography II
ART 3103
Contemp Issues Advancd Drawing
ART 3107
Clay II: Throwing
ART 3109
Metalsmith Jwlry Dsgn II: Mtfr
ART 3110
Mtlsg Jry Dgn II Computr Aided
ART 3111
Mtlsg Jry Dgn II Enameling
ART 3112
Art Exhibitions Contmp Culture
ART 3140
Pro Practice: Studio Art
ART 3200
Painting III
ART 3201
Sculpture II: Contemp Iss
ART 3202
Interaction Design I
ART 3204
ART 3205
ART 3208
Fibers: Printed Textiles
ART 3210
Intermediat Drawing & Painting
ART 3226
Photographic Design II
ART 3227
Alternative Photo Processes
ART 3230
Photography Social Critique
ART 3302
Idea Lab
ART 3308
Fibers: Structure
ART 3312
Motion Graphics
ART 3322
Sign, Symbol, Image
ART 3332
Design Methods
ART 3333
Constructions Of Childhood
ART 3410
Book Arts
ART 3425
Print & Book Arts
ART 3500
Abstract Realism
ART 3520
Instructional Asst
ART 3521
Technical Assistant
ART 3522
Research Assistant
ART 3530
ART 3531
Performative Objects
ART 3532
Clay: Figure
ART 3533
Sustainability, Creative Prtce
ART 3534
Howard Street Space
ART 3549
Sel.Topics:Arts Criticism
ART 3600
History Of Modern Art
ART 3602
Spec Top Graphic Design
ART 3610
Asian Art
ART 3630
African Art
ART 3650
Art Of Late Antiquity
ART 3705
Contemporary Art Of Africa
ART 3710
Ancient Egyptian Art
ART 3730
Native Arts Of Americas
ART 3750
History Of Roman Art
ART 3760
History Of American Craft
ART 3770
Islamic Art & Architecture
ART 3780
Visualizing The City
ART 3790
Contemp Asian Visual Culture
ART 3800
Art Since 1945
ART 3810
Photography & Culture
ART 3900
ART 3969
Art Ed & The Except Lrnr
ART 4012
Exhibitions Practicum
ART 4030
Sem Art Criticism & Theo
ART 4040
Art History Seminar
ART 4102
Typography III
ART 4109
Metalsmith & Jewelry Dsgn IV
ART 4192
Graphic Design Senior Seminar
ART 4202
Graphic Design Senior Studio
ART 4300
Spec Topics Adv Paint & Drawng
ART 4301
Spec Topics Advanced Sculpture
ART 4302
Interaction Design II
ART 4307
Special Topics Advanced Clay
ART 4308
Advanced Fibers
ART 4309
Adv Mtlsmtg Jwlry Dsn
ART 4310
Advanced Studio Art
ART 4312
Graphic Design Prof Practice
ART 4325
Adv Printmaking
ART 4326
Advanced Photographic Design
ART 4351
Senior Seminar
ART 4444
Art Education Seminar
ART 4510
Senior Honors Thesis
ART 4515
Jr/Sr Honors Seminar
ART 4852
Senior Studio
ART 4900
Internship: Field Exp
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