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ANT 1415
Understanding Culture
ANT 1420
Archaeology & The Human Past
ANT 1425
Mythbusting In Archaeology
ANT 1430
Our Primate Heritage
ANT 2100
East Asia Through Ethnography
ANT 2215
Cultural Anthropology
ANT 2221
ANT 2222
The Living Primates
ANT 2230
Biological Anthropology
ANT 2235
North Amer Archaeology
ANT 2300
Meso American Cultures
ANT 2310
Appalachian Culture
ANT 2330
ANT 2340
Bronze Age Civilizations
ANT 2400
Native America Thr Ethnography
ANT 2420
Gender, Race And Class
ANT 2430
Magic Witchcraft & Rel
ANT 2440
From Savages To Cyborgs
ANT 2500
Archaeoastronomy At Garden Crk
ANT 2530
Ant Professional Development
ANT 2531
Se Asia Through Ethnography
ANT 2700
S Asia Through Ethnography
ANT 2800
Latin America Thru Ethnography
ANT 3120
Field Archaeology
ANT 3200
ANT 3220
Human Biological Variation
ANT 3250
Archaeologic Lab Methods
ANT 3260
Microscopy In Archaeology
ANT 3270
Archaeology Of Native South
ANT 3300
Human Osteology
ANT 3305
Forensic Anthropology
ANT 3320
Primatological Field Methods
ANT 3350
Primate Behavior & Ecology
ANT 3405
Quant Methods In Anthrop
ANT 3410
Ethnographic Methods
ANT 3500
Paleopathology Of Bronze Oman
ANT 3520
Instructional Asst
ANT 3530
Ancient Economies
ANT 3531
Spec Top Cultural Anthropology
ANT 3532
Native American/Indigenous Stu
ANT 3533
Disaster Capitalism
ANT 3534
Transnational Migration And Id
ANT 3535
Gender & Cultr: Islamic World
ANT 3560
Archaic States
ANT 3600
Archaeological Theory
ANT 3610
Anthropology Of Env Justice
ANT 3620
Political Ecology & Sustainab
ANT 3625
Hist Of Anthropol Ideas
ANT 3630
Epistemology & Praxis
ANT 3635
Political Anthropology
ANT 3640
Language And Culture
ANT 3645
Anthropology Of Violence
ANT 3660
Medical Anthropology
ANT 3680
Environmental Anthropology
ANT 3810
Engaging Anthropology
ANT 3820
Anthropology Of Media
ANT 4225
ANT 4230
Magic And Modernity
ANT 4231
Capstone: Magic And Modernity
ANT 4245
Hegemony And Power
ANT 4246
Capstone: Hegemony And Power
ANT 4250
Biology, Technology & Culture
ANT 4251
ANT 4255
Ethnobotany: People, Plants
ANT 4256
Capstone: Ethnobotany
ANT 4260
Anthropology Of Development
ANT 4261
Capstone:Anthro Of Develop
ANT 4265
Anthropology & Global Health
ANT 4266
Capstone:Anthro &Global; Health
ANT 4270
Arts Of Resistance
ANT 4271
Capstone: Arts Of Resistance
ANT 4275
Experimental Ethnography
ANT 4276
Capstone:Exper Ethnography
ANT 4280
Anthropology Of The Body
ANT 4281
Capstone:Anthropology Of Body
ANT 4320
Human Evolution
ANT 4321
Capstone: Human Evolution
ANT 4330
ANT 4331
Capstone: Bioarchaeology
ANT 4340
Paleoanthropology South Asia
ANT 4350
Human Reprod Evol Perspctve
ANT 4351
Capstone:Human Reprod Evol Per
ANT 4360
Primate Conservation
ANT 4370
ANT 4371
Capstone: Paleopathology
ANT 4400
Paleolithic Archaeology
ANT 4401
Capstone:Paleolith Archaeology
ANT 4440
Experimental Archaeology
ANT 4441
Capstone:Experimental Archaeol
ANT 4450
Paleolithic Cave Art
ANT 4451
Capstone:Paleolithic Cave Art
ANT 4460
Landscape Archaeology
ANT 4461
Capstone:Landscape Archaeol
ANT 4510
Senior Honors Thesis
ANT 4530
Nature, Culture, Capitalism
ANT 4531
Nature, Culture, Capitalism
ANT 4532
Material Culture
ANT 4533
Capstone: Material Culture
ANT 4610
Culture, Energy And Power
ANT 4611
Capstone:Culture,Energy &Power;
ANT 4900
Internship Field Exp
ANT 5120
Appal Cult & Soc Org
ANT 5200
Sust Dev: Theory, Method
ANT 5410
Ethnograph Research Methods
ANT 5500
Ethnographic Methods
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