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ADM 4900

GEN ED: Capstone Experience Field experience or employment in apparel design and merchandising. Supervision and evaluation by the employer and the faculty member. Prerequisites: A. 2.00 overall grade-point average B. College rank: juniors (60+ s.h.) C. Completed 35 semester hours of apparel design and merchandising courses including ADM 4400. D. Internship proposal fully approved E. Major courses completed: Apparel Design and Merchandising: ADM 1000, ADM 1001, ADM 2000, ADM 3002, ADM 3003, ADM 4004; ACC 2100; ECO 2030; MKT 3050 Graded on an S/U basis. Hours requirement for three credit hours is 120 hours with 40 hours required for each additional credit. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN (IND)
Gen Ed Capstone Experience
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