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MLSC 105
Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science
MLSC 110
Medical Terminology
MLSC 210
Fundamentals of Hematology and Hemostasis
MLSC 230
Fund of Clinical Microbiology
MLSC 240
Fundamentals of Immunohematology
MLSC 320
Fundamentals of Immunology
MLSC 350
Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry
MLSC 380
Pathophysiology for Health Professions
MLSC 400
Specimen Procurement and Processing
MLSC 401
Clinical Year Seminar and Research Methodology
MLSC 405
Clinical Year Seminar and Research Project
MLSC 411
MLSC 412
MLSC 421
Clinical Immunology, Virology and Molecular Diagnostics
MLSC 431
Clinical Bacteriology
MLSC 432
Specialized Clinical Microbiology
MLSC 433
Clin Microbiology Practicum
MLSC 441
MLSC 442
Transfusion Medicine
MLSC 451
Clinical Chemistry I
MLSC 452
Clinical Chemistry II
MLSC 453
Clinical Chemistry Practicum
MLSC 461
Body Fluids
MLSC 463
Body Fluids Practicum
MLSC 475
Laboratory Operations
MLSC 478
Medical Laboratory Science Study Tour
MLSC 483
Comprehensive Review and Written Examination
MLSC 490
Topics in ___________
MLSC 495
Independent Project
MLSC 496
Extended Clinical Practicum
MLSC 500
Fndtns for Grad St in Med Lab
MLSC 501
Seminar in Medical Lab Science
MLSC 561
Laboratory Management: Issues and Strategies
MLSC 562
Issues in Laboratory Regulations and Practice
MLSC 585
App Studies in Med Lab Science
MLSC 595
Indep Study/Rdgs/Res/Proj:
MLSC 650
Project Continuation
MLSC 655
Program Continuation
MLSC 678
Mlsc Study Tour:
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