ARTS 245FA1 - Artist's Persp: Digital Photog

The Artist's Perspective: Digital Photography FA1 (3) This introductory course explores new technologies in contemporary photographic practice. Though technical aspects of digital photography are covered, the main focus is on making and looking at photographs. Utilizing Photoshop, technical topics center on cultivating a digital workflow, which includes digital capture, image editing, and digital output. Students become familiar with both historic and contemporary photographic work as well as ideas around light, composition, visualization, editing, and sequencing of images. Critiques are the central forum for students to develop their ability to speak about their own work as well as their peers'. The course concludes with students developing a final portfolio of photographs. Usually Offered: fall and spring. Grading: A-F only. Note: Students are required to provide their own digital SLR camera and fixed (not zoom) lens.
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