WGSS 501 - Intern: Women's Services I

A two-semester internship at Women's Services, a non-profit agency for women and children in Crawford County. Students will complete the Women's Services volunteer training during part one of the internship and will participate in one or more aspects of the organization's program: advocacy, support, information and referral, community education, and crisis intervention. The intern will meet regularly with the agency administration and supervision as well as have regular conferences with the internship instructor. The intern's performance will be evaluated by the on-site supervisor in consultation with the supervising faculty member. In addition, the supervising faculty member will evaluate the student's written work consisting of a journal integrating on-site experience with assigned readings. In the context of the co-requisite, Psychology 540, the student will develop an in-depth research project. The student will be expected to take Women's Services Internship II the following semester. The sequence may be begun in either the fall or spring semester. Prerequisite: WGSS*100, PSYCH*102 or PSYCH*160, and permission of the instructor. Corequiste: PSYCH*540. Distribution Requirements: None.
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