PSYCH 540 - Internship Seminar

A co-requisite for all students participation in applied internships in the psychology department(i.e., all internships except Psychology 505 and 530). The course focuses on integrating students' internship experiences with their understanding of psychological theory and research. Students will meet biweekly during the first two weeks and last two weeks of the semester and weekly during the balance of the semester. Topics such as ethics, appropriate workplace behavior, and relationships with supervisors and co-workers will provide the focus of the early meetings, and the rest of the semester will be devoted to examining students' intership experiences and on-going ethical or practice issues. A paper and formal in-class presentation, assessing the relationship of the student's field experience to current psychological theory and research, are required. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Corequisite: Any Psychology Department internship (except PSYCH*505, PSYCH*506 or PSYCH*530), or any of WGSS*501, WGSS*502 or WGSS*503. Distribution Requirements: None.
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