MUSIC 120 - Chamber Music

An opportunity for performance in small ensembles such as vocal chamber music, opera scenes, string quartet, piano trio, and brass or woodwind quintets. Students should register as a group or will be placed in a group. Each group receives a weekly faculty coaching. Concurrent registration is required in a "parent" large ensemble within the same instrumental or vocal medium. Pianists and guitarists may alternatively use choral ensembles to satisfy this requirement if placements are not available on their principal instruments. Exceptions are made only by approval of the department chair. Students must be enrolled in Music 120 in order to perform in chamber ensembles. Receiving credit for Music 120 is contingent upon successful concurrent completion of MUSIC 110, MUSIC 112, MUSIC 115, or MUSIC 116. This course may not be taken Credit/No Credit. Credit: one semester hour. Distribution Requirements: HE, ME.
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