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HIST 101
The Greek World
HIST 103
The Roman World
HIST 110
Euro:Dictatrshp/Democ 1914-Now
HIST 124
Modern Middle East
HIST 157
Hist Mod France, 1789-Present
HIST 162
History of the U.S. to 1865
HIST 163
History of US, 1865 - Present
HIST 165
Pre-Modern China
HIST 167
Modern China, 1800-2000
HIST 190
HIST 191
Anglo-Saxon England
HIST 257
Africn-Americn Hist Since 1865
HIST 265
Myth/Reality in the Amer Past
HIST 270
Reagan's America
HIST 272
Socialism & Post-Socialism
HIST 277
American History of the Body
HIST 280
Bodies, Bloodletting, and Bile
HIST 310
Europe: 1880-1917
HIST 321
Orality & Literacy in Greece
HIST 324
Life in Colonial America
HIST 339
Problems/Hist American Women
HIST 341
American Environmental History
HIST 353
Women & Revolution in China
HIST 358
20th Century Migrants/Refugees
HIST 380
Disease/Medicine:Modern Histry
HIST 506
Intern:Archivist Pelletier Li
HIST 551
Orality/Literacy - Anct Greece
HIST 560
Witchcraft in Colonial Amer
HIST 572
Police and the People
HIST 587
Crossing Borders
HIST 590
Independent Study
HIST 600
Senior Project I
HIST 610
Senior Project II
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