GEO 109 - Geologic Hazards

Application of geoscience principles to understand interactions between human populations and the physical Earth at the local, national, and global scales. The course compares and contrasts geologic hazards created by tectonic activity (volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and mass movements) with those created by hydrologic activity (floods, hurricanes, and tsunamis). Geologic controls on environmental health (water quality, metals in soils, radon, and/or fibrous minerals) are investigated and analyzed. An introduction to federal environmental laws and policies to reduce the impact of these hazards is presented. This course serves as an elective for Geology majors and/or minors; students may take both Geo 110 and Geo 109. Credit: Four semester hours. Prerequisites: None. Distribution Requirements; QR, SP. For students who matriculated in Spring 2016 or before and who are subject to the Divisional Distribution requirements, this course does NOT fulfill the Natural Science lab requirement.
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