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DGMA 1333
Survey of Animatn & Visual Eff
DGMA 1401
Freshman Seminar
DGMA 1403
Digital Foundations I
DGMA 1413
Foundations:Form/Space Rltnshp
DGMA 1423
Intro to Visual Communication
DGMA 2603
Media Forge I
DGMA 3111
Japanese Media
DGMA 3303
Digital Photography
DGMA 3403
Intermediate 3D Animation
DGMA 3503
DGMA 3603
Production I
DGMA 4103
Interactive Design
DGMA 4443
Advanced 3D Animation
DGMA 5103
Production I
DGMA 5333
Sp Topic:Expermntl Printmaking
DGMA 5403
Adv Modeling, Texturing & Ligh
DGMA 5603
Interactive Media
DGMA 6103
Production II
DGMA 6303
Special Topics Media Design I
DGMA 6413
Advanced Animation
DGMA 6603
Media Forge II
DGMA 7203
Senior Seminar
DGMA 7403
Senior Studio Project I
DGMA 7503
Digital Media & Anmtn Internsh
DGMA 7603
Advanced Motion Graphics
DGMA 7703
Adv Topics Interactive Design
DGMA 7803
Professional Practices
DGMA 8103
DGMA 8203
Media Design Seminar
DGMA 8403
Sr Studio Proj Media Design
DGMA 8503
Special Topics Media Design II
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