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CISY 1003
Intro to Microcomputer Appl
CISY 1023
Intro to Information Tech
CISY 1103
Info Technology Management
CISY 1113
Computer Programming I
CISY 2133
Computer Programming II
CISY 2143
Microcomputer Systems I
CISY 2153
Database Appl and Programng I
CISY 3023
Advanced Microcmptr Spreadshts
CISY 3193
Computer Architecture & Organi
CISY 3223
Intro to Web Page Development
CISY 3283
Internetworking I
CISY 4003
Comp Prgrmming III/Data Strctu
CISY 4033
Networking I
CISY 4053
Linux/Unix Admin and Scripting
CISY 4063
Systems Analysis & Design
CISY 4283
Internetworking II
CISY 4723
Essentials of Info Security
CISY 5123
Scientific Programming
CISY 5203
Network Administration
CISY 5233
Human Computer Interaction
CISY 5303
Web Programming I
CISY 5403
Database Concepts
CISY 5613
UNIX/Linux Server Admin
CISY 6103
Web Server Administration
CISY 6123
Adv Pro wth Vid Game Des & Dev
CISY 6503
Object-Oriented Programming
CISY 6703
Network Design Concepts
CISY 7003
Project Management
CISY 7023
Compu Forensics & Legal Issues
CISY 7203
Web Programming II
CISY 8303
Sftw Intgtn & Interoperability
CISY 8403
Web Applications
CISY 8503
Appl Database Management
CISY 8603
Seminar Critical Issues in IT
CISY 8703
Information Security Capstone
CISY 8706
Info Technology Internship
CISY 8712
Info Technology Internship
CISY 8716
Info Technology Internship
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