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PE 101
Physical Education Activity
PE 103
Tennis, Bad. and Table Tennis
PE 106
Soccer and Volleyball
PE 107
Softball and Basketball
PE 122
PE 201
Phy. Education Activity-101Con
PE 224
Leisure Crafts
PE 226
Consumer Health
PE 237
Elementary Dance
PE 245
First Aid and Safety
PE 327
Coach/Officia. Indvi. Team Sp.
PE 328
Motor Dev./Movement Ed.
PE 336
History and Principles of PE
PE 346
Methods/Materials in PE-Sec.
PE 356
Measure & Evaluation of HPER
PE 400
Human Sexuality
PE 417
Teaching Practicum
PE 425
Org & Admin of Health & safety
PE 427
Org & Admin of Physical Educat
PE 435
Physiology of Exercise
PE 438
School and Community Health
PE 467
Adapted Physical Education
PE 468
PE 491
Independent Study (Honors)
PE 510
Care & Prevention of Athletic
PE 511
Psychology of Sport
PE 516
Supervision in Physical Edu
PE 521
Scientific Principles of Sport
PE 527
Measurent & Eva of Phy Educati
PE 540
Independent Research
PE 543
Philosophy of Sport
PE 552
Intro to NCAA Compliance
PE 553
NCAA Rules and Procedures
PE 555
Foun NCAA Acad Prog (APR) Rpt
PE 556
Curr Trend Acad Prog Rate APR
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