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NU 118
Foundation of Client-Cntr Care
NU 128
Client-Centered Care I
NU 218
Client Centered Care II
NU 223
Role Transition
NU 229
Client-Centered Care III
NU 321
NU 330
Health Assessment
NU 330L
Health Assessment Lab
NU 331
Fundam Client Care Intro Prof
NU 331L
Fundam Client Care Intro Prof
NU 332
Intro to Pharmacology
NU 333
Basic Pathophysiology
NU 334
Nursing Ress & Evid-Based Prac
NU 335
Clinical Nurs Care Client Expe
NU 335L
Nurs Care Clients Exper Common
NU 336L
Health Promotion Disease Prev
NU 336
Clinical Health Pro Disease
NU 337
Nur Care Clients Exp Psy Alter
NU 337L
Nurs Care Clients Exp Psy Alt
NU 340
Concepts Basic to Nursing
NU 342L
Health Assessment Lab
NU 342
Health Assessment
NU 350
Family Nursing
NU 350L
Family Nursing Lab
NU 352
Adult Health Care I
NU 352L
Adult Health Care I Lab
NU 401
Nurs Care Children Women Famil
NU 401L
Murs Care Children Women Famli
NU 402
Nurs Care Clients Exper Acute
NU 402L
Nurs Care Clients Exp Acute
NU 403
Healthcare Policy & Finance
NU 404L
Transition Professional Nurs
NU 404
Transition Professional Nurs
NU 405
Nursing Care Clie Exper Comp
NU 405L
Nursing Care Clie Exper Comp
NU 406
Preparation for Prof Licensure
NU 420
Community Health Nursing
NU 420L
Community Health Nursing Lab
NU 421
Nursing Oriented to Psy Nurs
NU 421L
Nursing Oriented to Psy Functi
NU 422L
Health Assessment Lab
NU 422
Health Assessment
NU 423
Leadership Strategies in Nursi
NU 423L
Leadership Strategies in Nursi
NU 424
Professionalism in Nursing
NU 425
Nursing Manag. of Drug Therapy
NU 426
Research in Nursing
NU 427
Nursing Informatics II
NU 428
Case Management
NU 429
NU 430
Health Policy and Finance
NU 431
Intro Scholarly Writing
NU 432
NU 433
Research I
NU 434OL
Enhancement Professional Role
NU 436L
Nursing Care Comn Pop Lab
NU 436
Nursing Care Comm Populations
NU 437
Research II
NU 438
Nursing Leadership Mgt Banner
NU 438L
Nurs Leadership and Mgt Lab
NU 439
Healthcare Policy & Finance
NU 440
Adult Health Care II
NU 440L
Adult Health Care II Lab
NU 450L
Child/Adolescent Nursing Lab
NU 450
Child/Adolescent Nursing
NU 460
Adult Health Care III
NU 460L
Adult Health Care III Lab
NU 462
Synthesis of Nursing Con II
NU 501
Professional Role Development
NU 502
Advanced Pathophysiology
NU 503
Advanced Pharmacology
NU 504
Theoretical Foundations Nurs
NU 505
Advanced Health Assessment
NU 505L
Advanced Health Assessment Lab
NU 506
Research Methods
NU 507
Health Policy
NU 510
Clinical Mgt Theory II
NU 511
Clinical Mgt Practicum II
NU 512
Clinical Mgt Theory III
NU 513
Clinical Mgt Practicum III
NU 518
Synthesis (Practicum)
NU 531
Curr Strategies & Roles Nurs
NU 532
Assess & Evaluation Nurs Ed
NU 533
Nursing Education Practicum
NU 539
Capstone Project
NU 590
Thesis I
NU 590B
Thesis Part II
NU 591B
NU 591A
NU 591
Project in Research Process
NU 700
Advanced Health Informatics
NU 701
Clinical Epidemiology
NU 702
Healthcare Quality Improvement
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