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IT 101
IT Essentials
IT 107
Comp. Appl. Lab
IT 117
Computer Application Lab Excel
IT 117L
Computer Appl. Lab Spreadsheet
IT 127L
Computer App Lab Presentation
IT 127
Computer App Lab-Power Point
IT 137L
Computer Application Database
IT 162
Comp Networking Fundamenta
IT 261
Routing & Switching Basics
IT 262
Introduction to WAN
IT 271
Applications in Visual Basic
IT 333
Mobile Application I
IT 362
Advanced Routing
IT 364
Introduction to UNIX
IT 365
Server Conf. & Admin.
IT 373
Web Design
IT 374
Network Devices & Software
IT 375
Database Mgnt. System
IT 376
Database Administration
IT 378
Application Development
IT 381
Geographic Information Systems
IT 384
Remote Sensing I
IT 385
Engery & Transport Network
IT 386
Intro to Remote Sensing & GPS
IT 394
GIS-Feasibility Studies
IT 395
Cyber Security
IT 407
Remote Sensing at Microwaves
IT 412
Adv Radiogra Proce & Pat Care
IT 461
Virtualization Technologies
IT 466
Network Security
IT 471
System Analysis and Design
IT 473
Wireless Technologies
IT 477
Remote Sensing Environment
IT 480
Remote Sensing II
IT 486
Infrastructure Risk Analy
IT 488
Explosives Detection
IT 494
IT 495
Thesis Research
IT 497
Senior Project
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