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EN 105
Intermediate Composition
EN 111
Composition I
EN 111A
Composition Co-Requisite
EN 112
Composition II
EN 191
Honors English
EN 192
Honors English
EN 213
Introduction to Literature
EN 214
Special Topics in Literature
EN 231
Vocabulary Development
EN 301
Ancient Literature
EN 302
Medieval Literature
EN 303
Literary Theory & Criticism I
EN 305
American Literature I
EN 306
American Literature II
EN 307
The British Novel
EN 308
The American Novel
EN 309
Early Black Writers
EN 310
Modern Black Writers
EN 311
British Literature I
EN 312
British Literature II
EN 315
Intro to Linguistics
EN 316
Advanced Composition
EN 317
Global Literature I
EN 318
Global Literature II
EN 320
Intro to Film as Literature
EN 324
Renaissance Literature
EN 325
EN 326
17th Century Eng. Literature
EN 330
Contemporary Literature
EN 332
Studies in Poetry
EN 333
Studies in the Short Story
EN 345
American Romanticism
EN 346
American Realism & Naturalism
EN 347
Southern Literature
EN 351
Technical Writing
EN 352
Research Writing
EN 355
Practicum in Tutoring I
EN 356
Practicum in Tutoring II
EN 360
Special Topics in Literature I
EN 361
Special Topics Literature II
EN 362
Prose Analysis
EN 391
Best Practices In Teach Engl I
EN 403
Literary Theory & Criticism II
EN 406
Adolescent Literature
EN 455
Practicum in Tutoring III
EN 456
Practicum in Tutoring IV
EN 457
Creative Writing
EN 480
EN 485
Best Prectices in Teach Eng II
EN 512
` American Literature
EN 585
Modern Method of Teach English
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