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ED 200
Social Studies/Multicultural
ED 302
Seminar/Integrating Technology
ED 314
Early Literacy I
ED 317
Early Literacy Instructions II
ED 319
Computer Applic. in Education
ED 320
Diagn & Corrective Procedures
ED 345
The Lang. Arts in Elem. School
ED 348
Foundations of Education
ED 351
Managing Classroom
ED 391
Assessment (Elementary)
ED 392
Assessment (Secondary)
ED 401
Praxis I
ED 403
Seminar in Reading
ED 405
Research in Reading
ED 416
Arithmetic for Childre
ED 435
Science for Children
ED 452
Elementary Curriculum K-8
ED 458
Directed Teaching
ED 468
Directed Teaching (Secondary)
ED 482
Issues, Trends & Innov. in Rea
ED 498
Teaching Reading in Sec School
ED 503
Clinical Procedures in Reading
ED 507
Diagnostic Procedures in Readi
ED 512
Foundations of Education
ED 514
Methods of Education Research
ED 516
Current Trends
ED 519
Basic Skills in Reading
ED 521
Classroom Management
ED 525
Meth. & Mat. Teach Reading
ED 526
Prob Trends in Elem Science
ED 527
ED 533
Curriculum Development
ED 539
Math Concepts & Experiences
ED 548
Child Welfare
ED 582
Issues, Trends, & Innov. in Re
ED 583
Educational Internship I
ED 584
Educational Internship II
ED 598
Meth. & Mat. Reading Secondary
ED 602
Introduction to Res. Methods
ED 616
Adv. Stud. in Elemen
ED 619
Basic Skill in Reading
ED 621
Advanced Classroom Measurement
ED 625
Stud. in Teaching of Elem Read
ED 626
Teaching Elem Science
ED 698
Thesis I
ED 699
Thesis II
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