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CS 100
Introduction to Computer
CS 201
Basic Programming
CS 202
Introduction to Programming
CS 203
Advance Programming
CS 251
Object Oriented Design & Prog.
CS 321
Data Structure & Algorithms
CS 350
Operating System
CS 360
Software Engineering Principle
CS 370
Advanced Prog. in Unix Envir.
CS 390
Intro to Enterprise Computing
CS 401
PC Architecture
CS 410
PC Assembly Lang&PC Interfacin
CS 420
Database Systems
CS 427
Unix Programming II
CS 440
Computer Networks
CS 441
Computer Networks II
CS 445
Scientific Computation
CS 454
Web Applications & E-Commerce
CS 460
Programming Lang.& Compilers
CS 470
Rapid Appl. Devel.Using Visual
CS 480
Advanced Programming in Java
CS 521
Theory of Computation
CS 523
Programming Languages
CS 525
Operating Systems
CS 527
Design and Analysis of Algorit
CS 533
Database Management Systems
CS 535
Computer Architecture
CS 541
Software Engineering
CS 543
Scientific Computation
CS 545
Network Systems and Design
CS 546
Network Systems II
CS 547
Algorithms Parallel Computers
CS 560
Special Topics in Comp Science
CS 580
Research Project
CS 581
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