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CO 100
Intro to Mass Communication
CO 103
Introduction to Social Media
CO 203
Mass Media Writing
CO 218
Broadcast Announcing
CO 231
Broadcast News Writing & Rpt
CO 241
Public RelationsPrin & Pract
CO 242
Public Opinion & Propaganda
CO 251
Basic Newswriting
CO 252
Basic Copyediting
CO 253
Public Affairs Reporting
CO 257
Current Issues Journalism
CO 301
Mass Media and Minorities
CO 312
Alt Media Diverse Society
CO 333
Mass Comm Law & Ethics
CO 338
Basic Video Editing Techniques
CO 344
Sports Broadcasting
CO 348
Televison Production
CO 351
Feature Writing
CO 354
Investigative Reporting
CO 358
Advanced Broadcast Production
CO 361
Basic Photography
CO 368
Radio Production Lab
CO 370
Publication Design
CO 371
Advanced Photography
CO 410
Workshop in Mass Comm
CO 417
Research Methods in Comm.
CO 453
CO 461
Public Relations Campaigns
CO 462
Principles of Advertising
CO 467
Creating Advertising Messages
CO 470
Multimedia Reporting
CO 485
Directing for Film/Video
CO 495
Internship In Mass Comm
CO 521
Mass Comm Law & Policy
CO 525
Curr Issue & Trends Mass Media
CO 540
Theory Mass Communication
CO 550
Research Methods in Mass Comm
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