CH 101
Preparation For Chemistry
CH 121
General Chemistry
CH 121L
General Chemistry Lab
CH 122
General Chemistry
CH 122L
General Chemistry Lab
CH 123H
Honors General Chemistry
CH 123L
General Chemistry Lab
CH 141
Gral, Organic, & Biochemistry
CH 221
Organic Chemistry
CH 221L
Organic Chemistry Lab
CH 222L
Organic Chemistry Lab II
CH 222
Organic Chemistry II
CH 315
Survey Of Organic Chemistry
CH 315L
Survey Of Org. Chemistry Lab
CH 321
Quantitative Analysis
CH 321L
Quantitative Analysis Lab
CH 323
Physical Chemistry
CH 323L
Physical Chemistry Lab
CH 331
CH 331L
Biochemistry Lab
CH 399
Undergraduate Lab Inst. II
CH 403
CH 410
Organic Qualitative Analysis
CH 423
Chemical Res./ Ind. Study
CH 425
Experimental Methods
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