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BI 111
Introduction to Biology I
BI 112
Introduction to Biology II
BI 113
Intro. Envir. Biology/Ecology
BI 113L
Introd. Env. Biology/Ecol Lab
BI 121
General Zoology I
BI 121L
General Zoology I Laboratory
BI 122
General Zoology II
BI 122L
General Zoology II Lab
BI 125
General Biology I
BI 125L
General Biology I Lab
BI 126
General Biology II
BI 126L
General Biology II Lab
BI 191
Honors Biology I
BI 191L
Honors Biology I Lab
BI 192
Honors Biology II
BI 192L
Honors Biology II Lab
BI 215
Comparative Anatomy
BI 215L
Comparative Anatomy Lab
BI 226
BI 300
Biological Chemistry
BI 308
Intro to Health Science
BI 310L
Fresh Water Fishes MS Lab
BI 310
Fresh Water Fishes of MS
BI 311
Survey of Biological Sciences
BI 318L
Field Biology and Ecology Lab
BI 318
Field Biology and Ecology
BI 320
Medical Terminology
BI 324
BI 324L
Botany Laboratory
BI 325
General Microbiology
BI 325L
General Microbiology Lab
BI 326
Intro to Pharmacology
BI 327L
Cell Biology Laboratory
BI 327
Cell Biology
BI 328
Analysis & Critical Thinking I
BI 335
Human Anatomy & Physio I
BI 335L
Human Anatomy & Physio I Lab
BI 336L
Human Anatomy & Physio II Lab
BI 336
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BI 355
General Parasitology
BI 355L
General Parasitology Lab
BI 390
Environmental Biology
BI 390L
Environmental Bio Laboratory
BI 400
BI 403
BI 403L
Mycology Laboratory
BI 415
Computer Application
BI 420L
Medical Microbiology Lab
BI 420
Medical Microbiology
BI 423
Introduction to Biostatistics
BI 425
Principles of Immunology
BI 425L
Prin Immunology Laboratory
BI 445L
Genetics Laboratory
BI 445
BI 446
BI 446L
Histology Lab
BI 449
Independent Study
BI 450
BI 453
Risk Mgnt. & Assessment
BI 456
Spec Topics in Env Bio/Ecology
BI 462
Environment Policy
BI 468
BI 468L
Kinesiooogy Lab
BI 481
Aquatic Toxicology
BI 482
Applied Physiology
BI 482L
Applied Physiology Laboratory
BI 501
Advanced Plant Physiology
BI 503
BI 507
Adv Cellular & Molecular Bio
BI 515
Comp. Applica in Bio. Scie I
BI 523
Introduction to Biostatistics
BI 526
Advanced Pharmacology
BI 531
Advanced Invertebrate Zoology1
BI 540
Molecular Genetics
BI 547
Field Biology and Ecology
BI 560
Modern Problems in Biology
BI 581
BI 590
Adv. Environmental Biology
BI 591
Adv Human Anatomy & Physiology
BI 597
Special Project
BI 599
Thesis I
BI 600
Thesis II
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