ENGR 2405 - Electrical Circuits I (Lecture +Lab)

This lecture and lab course combines all of the elements of ENGR 2305 (lecture) and ENGR 2105 (lab) including the learning outcomes listed for both courses. Principles of electrical circuits and systems. Basic circuit elements (resistance, inductance, mutual inductance, capacitance, independent and dependent controlled voltage, and current sources). Topology of electrical networks; Kirchhoff''s laws; node and mesh analysis; DC circuit analysis; operational amplifiers; transient and sinusoidal steady-state analysis; AC circuit analysis; first- and second-order circuits; Laplace transforms; Bode plots; and use of computer simulation software to solve circuit problems. Laboratory experiments supporting theoretical principles presented in lecture involving DC and AC circuit theory, network theorems, time and frequency domain circuit analysis. Introduction to principles and operation of basic laboratory equipment; laboratory report preparation. * Students cannot receive credit for both ENGR 2305/2105 and ENGR 2405
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