VTHT 1109
Veterinary Nutrition
VTHT 1125
Pharmacological Calculations
VTHT 1203
Canine And Feline Care And Husbandry
VTHT 1205
Veterinary Medical Terminology
VTHT 1217
Veterinary Office Management
VTHT 1301
Introduction To Veterinary Technology
VTHT 1313
Veterinary Anatomy And Physiology
VTHT 1341
Anesthesia And Surgical Assistance
VTHT 1345
Veterinary Radiology
VTHT 2205
Equine Clinical Management
VTHT 2209
Food Animal Clinical Management
VTHT 2213
Lab Animal Clinical Management
VTHT 2217
Exotic Animal Clinical Management
VTHT 2301
Canine And Feline Clinical Management
VTHT 2321
Veterinary Parasitology
VTHT 2323
Veterinary Clinical Pathology I
VTHT 2331
Veterinary Clinical Pathology II
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