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SLNG 1206
Interpreting Artistic Texts
SLNG 1211
Fingerspelling and Numbers
SLNG 1215
Visual Gestural Communications
SLNG 1300
Fundamentals and Techniques for Deaf Support Specialist/Serv...
SLNG 1304
American Sign Language I
SLNG 1305
American Sign Language II
SLNG 1307
Intralingual Skills f/Terps
SLNG 1317
Introduction to the Deaf Community
SLNG 1321
Introduction to the Interpreting Profession
SLNG 1344
American Sign Language III
SLNG 1345
American Sign Language IV
SLNG 1347
Deaf Culture
SLNG 1371
Instructional Strategies/DSS
SLNG 1372
Greek&Latin; Roots for Interprt
SLNG 1378
Conversational ASL
SLNG 1391
Special Topics in Sign Language Interpreting
SLNG 2288
Intern-Sign Lng Inter & Trans
SLNG 2311
Interpreting in Specialized Settings
SLNG 2315
Interpret Educational Settings
SLNG 2330
Advanced Techniques for Deaf Support Specialist/ Service Pro...
SLNG 2334
American Sign Language V
SLNG 2336
Interpreting IV
SLNG 2366
Practicum Sign Language Interp
SLNG 2375
Interp Sem I
SLNG 2376
Interp Sem II
SLNG 2388
Internship Sign Language Interpreter and Translation
SLNG 2389
Internship Deaf Support Specialist
SLNG 2401
Interpreting I
SLNG 2402
Interpreting II
SLNG 2403
SLNG 2431
Interpreting III
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