POFT 1120
Job Search Skills
POFT 1127
Introduction To Keyboarding
POFT 1173
Microsoft Outlook
POFT 1220
Job Search Skills
POFT 1231
Numeric Keypad Applications
POFT 1264
Practicum (Or Field Experience) Administrative Assistant And...
POFT 1301
Business English
POFT 1309
Administrative Office Procedures I
POFT 1313
Professional Workforce
POFT 1319
Records And Information Management I
POFT 1321
Business Math
POFT 1325
Business Math And Machine Applications
POFT 1329
Beginning Keyboarding
POFT 2301
Intermediate Keyboarding
POFT 2303
Speed And Accuracy Building
POFT 2312
Business Correspondence And Communication
POFT 2380
Cooperative Education Administrative Assistant And Secretari...
POFT 2386
Internship Administrative Assistant And Secretarial Science,...
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