DANC 1110
Tap I
DANC 1111
Tap II
DANC 1112
Dance Practicum I
DANC 1122
Folk I
DANC 1123
Folk II
DANC 1128
Ballroom I
DANC 1129
Ballroom II
DANC 1133
Country And Western I
DANC 1141
Ballet I
DANC 1142
Ballet II
DANC 1145
Modern Dance I
DANC 1146
Modern Dance II
DANC 1147
Jazz Dance I
DANC 1148
Jazz Dance II
DANC 1151
Dance Performance I
DANC 1152
Dance Performance II
DANC 1153
Spanish Ballet I (Flamenco)
DANC 1154
Spanish Ballet II (Flamenco)
DANC 1201
Dance Composition Improvisation
DANC 1301
Dance Composition I
DANC 1305
World Dance
DANC 1345
Modern Dance (Improvisation)
DANC 2145
Modern Dance III
DANC 2146
Modern Dance IV
DANC 2151
Dance Performance III
DANC 2152
Dance Performance IV
DANC 2303
Dance Appreciation
DANC 2325
Anatomy And Kinesiology For Dancers
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