DAAC 1304
Pharmacology Of Addiction
DAAC 1309
Assessment Of Substance-Related And Addictive Disorders
DAAC 1319
Substance Related And Addictive Disorders
DAAC 1391
Special Topics In Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counseling
DAAC 2166
Practicum I
DAAC 2273
Professional And Ethical Issues
DAAC 2274
Professional Development
DAAC 2301
Therapeutic Communities In A Criminal Justice Setting
DAAC 2306
Substance Abuse Prevention I
DAAC 2307
Addicted Family Intervention
DAAC 2330
Multicultural Counseling
DAAC 2341
Counseling Alcohol And Other Drug Addictions
DAAC 2353
Substance Abuse Prevention II
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