COMM 1307
Introduction To Mass Communication
COMM 1316
News Photography I
COMM 1317
News Photography II
COMM 1318
Photography I
COMM 1319
Photography II (Second Semester, Journalism Emphasis)
COMM 1335
Introduction To Electronic Media
COMM 1336
Video Production I
COMM 2300
Media Literacy
COMM 2303
Audio Production
COMM 2305
Editing And Layout
COMM 2311
Media Writing
COMM 2315
News Reporting
COMM 2324
Practicum In Electronic Media
COMM 2327
Introduction To Advertising
COMM 2330
Introduction To Public Relations
COMM 2331
Radio/Television Announcing
COMM 2332
Radio/Television News (Ci)
COMM 2339
Writing For Radio, Television, Film
COMM 2366
Introduction To Cinema
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