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AUMT 1201
Intro To Auto Step Program
AUMT 1266
Practicum I
AUMT 1305
Introduction To Automotive Technology
AUMT 1307
Electrical Systems
AUMT 1316
Suspension And Steering
AUMT 1345
Automotive Heating And A.C.
AUMT 1410
Automotive Brakes
AUMT 1419
Engine Repair
AUMT 2266
Practicum II
AUMT 2288
Internship I
AUMT 2289
Internship II
AUMT 2305
Step Engine
AUMT 2313
Manual Drive Train And Axle
AUMT 2315
Step Performance
AUMT 2317
Engine Performance Analysis I
AUMT 2337
Automotive Electronics
AUMT 2421
Auto Elec Diagnosis And Repair
AUMT 2425
Automotive Trans And Transaxle
AUMT 2434
Engine Performance Analysis II
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