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ARTS 1301
Art Appreciation
ARTS 1303
Art History Survey (Pre 1300)
ARTS 1304
Art History Survey (Post 1300)
ARTS 1311
Design I (2-Dimensional)
ARTS 1312
Design II (3-Dimensional)
ARTS 1316
Drawing I
ARTS 1317
Drawing II
ARTS 1325
Drawing And Painting
ARTS 2311
Design III
ARTS 2316
Painting I
ARTS 2317
Painting II
ARTS 2323
Drawing III
ARTS 2326
Sculpture I
ARTS 2327
Sculpture II
ARTS 2333
Printmaking I
ARTS 2334
Printmaking II
ARTS 2341
Art Metals I
ARTS 2342
Art Metals II
ARTS 2346
Ceramics I
ARTS 2347
Ceramics II
ARTS 2348
Digital Art I
ARTS 2349
Digital Art II
ARTS 2356
Photography I (Fine Arts Emphasis)
ARTS 2357
Photography II (Fine Arts Emphasis)
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