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PSYC 120
Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 232
Developmental Psychology
PSYC 233
Physiological Psychology
PSYC 241
Cognition and Learning
PSYC 305
PSYC 311
Elementary Statistics
PSYC 340
PSYC 342
Applied Sports Psychology
PSYC 345
Sexual Minorities: Ident & Com
PSYC 348
Psychology and Christianity
PSYC 351
Experimental Psychology
PSYC 356
Health Psychology
PSYC 368
Psyc. Tests & Measurements
PSYC 370
Social Psychology
PSYC 372
Child Abuse: Recogn & Response
PSYC 374
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
PSYC 382
Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 388
Teams & Team Leadership
PSYC 392
Child Psychology
PSYC 401
Psyc. Seminar III
PSYC 440
ST: Career & Calling
PSYC 451
Statistics in Psyc. Research
PSYC 485
Intro. to Counseling
PSYC 493
History of Theories in Psyc.
PSYC 608
School Psyc:Org, Op, and Ethic
PSYC 610
PSYC 612
Clinical Research Methods
PSYC 613
PSYC 624
Soc. & Cult. Bases of Behavior
PSYC 640
ST:Academic Assmt & Intvnt
PSYC 642
Cog Assess: Intel, Mem & Achie
PSYC 644
Child & Adolescent Therapy
PSYC 645
Child & Adolescent Assessment
PSYC 647
Child & Adol. Psychopathology
PSYC 648
Adv Psychotherapeutic Techniqu
PSYC 649
Behavioral Interventions
PSYC 650
Ethics & Issues in Prof. Psyc.
PSYC 657
Multivariate Statistics
PSYC 660
Clinical Assessment
PSYC 664
Theory & Prac of Career Counse
PSYC 665
Theories Coun & Psychother
PSYC 668
Adv. Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC 669
Human Learning and Cognition
PSYC 676
Prevention&InterventionSch Psy
PSYC 682
Adv Psychopathology
PSYC 683
School Consultation
PSYC 685
Issues in Educ of Except Child
PSYC 690
Practicum I
PSYC 692
Practicum II
PSYC 694
Practicum III
PSYC 695
School Psychology Internship
PSYC 699
Master's Thesis
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