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PHYS 101
PHYS 102
Physical Science
PHYS 110
General Physics I
PHYS 111
General Physics I Lab.
PHYS 112
General Physics II
PHYS 113
General Physics II Lab.
PHYS 135
Intro to Electric Circuits
PHYS 136
Intro to Electric Circuits Lab
PHYS 203
Physical Science for Teachers
PHYS 204
Phys Sci for Teachers Lab
PHYS 220
Engineering Physics I
PHYS 221
Engineering Physics I Lab
PHYS 222
Engineering Physics II
PHYS 223
Engineering Physics II Lab
PHYS 240
ST:phys. Sci for Teacher's Lab
PHYS 330
Modern Physics
PHYS 331
Modern Physics Laboratory
PHYS 360
Electricity & Magnetism
PHYS 362
PHYS 363
Optics Lab.
PHYS 371
Classical Mechanics
PHYS 378
Hist. & Philosophy of Science
PHYS 379
Philosophy, Rel., & Science
PHYS 388
Network Analysis
PHYS 401
Sec Science Teaching Methods
PHYS 451
Simulation and Modeling
PHYS 453
Pattern Recognition
PHYS 461
Nuclear Physics
PHYS 472
Solid State Physics
PHYS 481
PHYS 482
Topics in Physics
PHYS 491
Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 493
General Relativity
PHYS 497
Physics Capstone I
PHYS 498
Physics Capstone II
PHYS 499
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