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KINE 100
Lifetime Wellness
KINE 201
Intro: Sport & Rec Mgmt
KINE 206
Strength Training
KINE 232
Structural Kinesiology
KINE 241
First Aid/CPR
KINE 291
Basic Sports Medicine
KINE 296
Care&Prevention; Athletic Injur
KINE 301
Risk Management
KINE 302
Medical Terminology
KINE 321
Sport Practicum
KINE 322
Fitness Practicum
KINE 330
Field Experience
KINE 333
Youth Activity Programs
KINE 340
ST: Health Professions Seminar
KINE 360
Leadership & Mgm/Hlth Promo
KINE 365
Assessment of Injury I
KINE 366
Assessment of Injury II
KINE 372
Exercise Physiology
KINE 373
Exercise Physiology Lab
KINE 399
Res. Methods in KINU
KINE 401
Legal Aspects of Sp. and Rec.
KINE 420
Exercise Science Internship
KINE 421
Wellness Practicum
KINE 440
ST: Interprof Educ & Ethics
KINE 450
Personal Training
KINE 460
Prog Planning for Health Promo
KINE 473
Cardiovascular Physiology
KINE 477
Therapeutic Exercise
KINE 480
Training Program Design
KINE 485
Clincial Exercise Physiology
KINE 490
Special Populations
KINE 491
Principles of Coaching
KINE 492
Coaching Internship
KINE 498
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