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ENGR 115
Intro To Engineering & Physics
ENGR 116
Intro To Engr. & Physics Lab
ENGR 131
Cad And Modeling
ENGR 135
Intro To Electric Circuits
ENGR 136
Intro To Electric Circuits Lab
ENGR 210
Digital Logic
ENGR 211
Digital Logic Laboratory
ENGR 220
Engineering Mechanics: Statics
ENGR 222
Engineering Mechanics:Dynamics
ENGR 281
Engineering Thermodynamics
ENGR 305
Ehs For Engineers
ENGR 306
Engineering Ethics
ENGR 320
Material Science
ENGR 332
Mechanics Of Materials
ENGR 333
Fluid Mechanics
ENGR 334
Heat And Mass Transfer
ENGR 340
St: Design Of Machine Elements
ENGR 342
Measurement Techniques
ENGR 343
Measurement Techniques Lab
ENGR 350
Engineering Economics
ENGR 390
Junior Clinic
ENGR 422
Embedded Systems
ENGR 423
Embedded Systems Lab
ENGR 430
Senior Clinic I
ENGR 431
Senior Clinic Studio I
ENGR 432
Senior Clinic II
ENGR 433
Senior Clinic Studio II
ENGR 434
Fluid Thermal Systems
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