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ENGL 003
Academic Literacies
ENGL 004
Academic Literacies Workshop
ENGL 006
Academic Composition Workshop
ENGL 007
Rhetoric & Persuasion Workshop
ENGL 106
Academic Composition
ENGL 107
Rhetoric and Persuasion
ENGL 111
Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 112
Composition and Literature
ENGL 221
Major British Writers I
ENGL 222
Major British Writers II
ENGL 231
World Literature I
ENGL 232
World Literature II
ENGL 262
American Lit Before 1900
ENGL 263
American Literature After 1900
ENGL 301
Introduction to the Major
ENGL 311
Literary Theory and Criticism
ENGL 320
Creative Nonfiction Workshop
ENGL 321
ENGL 322
Fiction Workshop
ENGL 323
Poetry Workshop
ENGL 325
Advanced Composition
ENGL 326
Business and Prof Writing
ENGL 328
Social Justice: A Rhetoric
ENGL 330
Advanced English Grammar
ENGL 331
Narrative for Film-New Media
ENGL 332
Introduction to Film Studies
ENGL 333
Studies in World Cinema
ENGL 340
ST:Intro to Latino America Lit
ENGL 351
Literature for Young Adults
ENGL 362
American Lit. Before 1860
ENGL 363
American Literature After 1860
ENGL 376
ENGL 377
ENGL 378
ENGL 380
Interactive Narratives
ENGL 432
Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 440
ST: TESOL Theory&Methods
ENGL 446
Topics in American Literature
ENGL 459
English for Secondary Teachers
ENGL 470
Multicultural Literature
ENGL 471
Literature and Belief
ENGL 472
Film and Belief
ENGL 473
Rhetoric and Belief
ENGL 481
Medieval British Literature
ENGL 483
ENGL 496
Nineteenth-Century Brit Lit
ENGL 497
Twentieth-Century Brit Lit
ENGL 499
Studies in World Literature
ENGL 522
Fiction Workshop
ENGL 523
Poetry Workshop
ENGL 532
Intro to Linguistics
ENGL 572
Film and Belief
ENGL 610
Studies in American Lit
ENGL 612
Studies in British Literature
ENGL 613
Literary Theory and Faith
ENGL 622
Rhetoric and Belief
ENGL 623
Discourse Theory
ENGL 624
Non-Traditional Rhetoric
ENGL 625
Rhetorical Methods and Pub
ENGL 631
ENGL 633
ENGL 650
Contemp. Compostition Theory
ENGL 652
Rhetorical Theory and Praxis
ENGL 699
Master's Thesis
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