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DSGN 102
Intro. To Interior Design
DSGN 201
Fundamental Design I
DSGN 202
Fundamental Design II
DSGN 211
Design Drawing II
DSGN 221
Hist. Of Arch. & Dsgn. I
DSGN 222
Hist. Of Arch. & Dsgn. II
DSGN 232
Digital Design Communication
DSGN 251
Construction I
DSGN 301
Intermediate Interior Design I
DSGN 302
Interm Interior Design II
DSGN 351
Interior Components
DSGN 401
Advanced Interior Design
DSGN 402
Des., Constr Det For Interiors
DSGN 461
Prof. Principles & Practices
DSGN 463
Field Experience
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