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COMP 140
St:American Sign Language
COMP 225
COMP 235
Intro To Speech-Lang Path.
COMP 330
Normal Language Development
COMP 340
St:American Sign Language II
COMP 353
Hearing Rehabilitation
COMP 381
Anat & Physio Processes Of Com
COMP 479
Prgms & Services For Elderly
COMP 494
Clin Prac In Comm Sci & Disord
COMP 600
Gs:Bilingual Lang Dev/Disorder
COMP 601
Phonological Disorders
COMP 603
Motor Speech Disorders
COMP 611
Lang Dis In Young Children
COMP 613
Dysphagia & Related Disorders
COMP 661
Special Prob In Speech Path
COMP 670
Seminar In Speech Pathology
COMP 693
Clinical Practicum
COMP 694
Advanced Clinical Practicum
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