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BIBM 330
Foundations of Youth Min.
BIBM 331
Youth Ministry Design
BIBM 391
Ministry in Context
BIBM 395
Intro to Hospital Ministry
BIBM 404
Worship Leading
BIBM 405
Women in Christian Tradition
BIBM 413
Sem in Adol Moral/Sex Issues
BIBM 435
Adolescent Spiritual Formation
BIBM 439
Teaching for Spiritual Form.
BIBM 442
Leadership of Youth and Family
BIBM 491
Senior Capstone Experience
BIBM 492
Children and Family Ministry
BIBM 493
BIBM 601
Church Leadership
BIBM 602
GST Orientation
BIBM 603
Foundations of Theo & Ministry
BIBM 604
BIBM 609
Healthcare Ministry
BIBM 614
Theol & Min in Times of Crisis
BIBM 616
Witness in Global Contexts
BIBM 629
Field Ed Contextual Immersion
BIBM 635
Engaging Adol in Chris Form
BIBM 644
Past Min Skills / Church Ldrs
BIBM 646
Youth and Family Ministry
BIBM 648
Christian Spiritual Formation
BIBM 657
Contexts of Ministry
BIBM 658
Practice of Min Leadership
BIBM 673
Ministry w/Children & Families
BIBM 678
GST Senior Portfolio Prep
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