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ART 101
Introduction to Art
ART 105
Two-Dimensional Design
ART 106
Three-Dimensional Design
ART 111
Basic Drawing
ART 112
Figure Drawing I
ART 213
Figure Drawing II
ART 221
Art History: General Survey I
ART 222
Art History: General Survey II
ART 287
Art for Elementary Teachers
ART 291
Intro to B&W; Photography
ART 292
Digital Art Photography
ART 314
Advanced Drawing
ART 315
ART 317
Introduction to Illustration
ART 318
Digital Illustration
ART 324
Art History: American
ART 325
Art History: Christian
ART 331
Sculpture I
ART 332
Sculpture II
ART 341
Painting I
ART 342
Painting II
ART 351
Typography I
ART 352
Typography II
ART 353
Identity & Brand Design
ART 361
Ceramics I
ART 362
Ceramics II
ART 423
Art History: 20th Century
ART 425
Art Theory
ART 433
Sculpture III
ART 434
Sculpture IV
ART 440
ST:Identity & Brand Design 2
ART 443
Painting III
ART 454
Information Graphics
ART 455
Persuasive Graphics
ART 456
Graphic Design Portfolio
ART 457
Interactive Design
ART 463
Ceramics III
ART 464
Ceramics IV
ART 490
Advanced Studio Problems
ART 494
Senior Exhibition
ART 495
Life and Career in Art
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