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Introduction To The Visual Arts
ART 10
Introduction To Visual Studies
ART 11
First-Year Seminar- School Of Visual Arts
ART 20
Introduction To Drawing
ART 30
Introduction To Sculpture
ART 40
Introduction To Printmaking
ART 50
Introduction To Painting
ART 80
Introduction To Ceramics
ART 110
Ideas As Visual Images
ART 122
Commentary On Art
ART 201
Intro To Digital Arts: Computer Graphics
ART 230
Beginning Sculpture
ART 240
Beginning Printmaking
ART 250
Beginning Oil Painting
ART 280
Beginning Ceramics
ART 290
Beginning Photography
ART 296
Independent Studies
ART 314
Computer 3-D: Modeling, Rendering, And Animation
ART 338
The Body: Issues And Objects
ART 340
ART 343
New Media Printmaking
ART 350
Intermediate Painting
ART 380
Intermediate Throwing
ART 381
Intermediate Handbuilding
ART 390
Introduction To Photochemical Photography
ART 415
Integrating Media: Convergence In Practice
ART 440
Advanced Printmaking
ART 450
Advanced Painting
ART 480
Advanced Ceramic Arts
ART 490
View Camera Photography
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