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URP 500
Fundamentals Of Planning
URP 504
URP 506
Urban Economics
URP 510
Planning Theory And History
URP 511
Quantitative Methods
URP 520
Planning Legislative & Zoning
URP 521
Planning Research II
URP 525
Planning Studio I
URP 526
Computer Application
URP 527
Planning Studio II
URP 529
Professional Practice
URP 531
Population & Economics
URP 533
Land Use Planning
URP 535
Transportation Planning
URP 538
Transportation Plan Modeling
URP 539
Transp Planning And Admin
URP 542
Environmental Planning
URP 543
Housing Concepts In Cont Plan
URP 545
Environmental Policy
URP 553
Community Development Process
URP 555
Terminal Research Proposal
URP 556
Independent Research
URP 557
Terminal Research
URP 559
Planning Project
URP 561
Seminar In Dev Plann
URP 564
Planning Developing Nations
URP 566
Env Issues Developing Nations
URP 599
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