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UPL 101
Intro To Urban Planning
UPL 103
The Community And You
UPL 201
Small Town Planning
UPL 203
Planning History And Theory
UPL 303
Planning Research Methods I
UPL 310
Urban Economics Analysis
UPL 316
Planning Research Method II
UPL 317
Graphic & Site Design Wkshop
UPL 327
Land Use Planning II
UPL 330
Demographic Analysis
UPL 404
Social Equity In Planning
UPL 405
Practicum I
UPL 406
Practicum II
UPL 407
Legal Basis Of Planning
UPL 408
Comprehensive Planning Wkshop
UPL 409
Seminar On Planning Problems
UPL 420
Senior Project
UPL 429
Professional Practice
UPL 435
Transportation Planning
UPL 438
Transportation Model
UPL 442
Environmental Planning
UPL 443
Housing Issues
UPL 445
Environmental Assessment
UPL 453
Community Development Process
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