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TEL 101
Theatre Appreciation
TEL 110
Film Appreciation
TEL 201
Introduction to Mass Media
TEL 202
Fund of TV Production
TEL 205
Public Sp For The Com Arts
TEL 211
Broadcast Law & Regulations
TEL 212
Writing For Broadcasting
TEL 213
Digital Broadcasting
TEL 214
Careers In Media Arts
TEL 215
Voice & Diction
TEL 216
Oral Interpretation
TEL 217
Discussion for Television
TEL 218
Non-Linear Editing
TEL 301
Film I-Screenwriting
TEL 302
Film II-Production
TEL 304
Advanced TV Production
TEL 309
Sports Broadcasting
TEL 311
Advert For Radio/TV
TEL 321
News/Documentary Techniques
TEL 401
Practicum I
TEL 402
Practicum II
TEL 403
Acting for Television & Film I
TEL 404
Acting For Television II
TEL 405
Introduction to Directing
TEL 406
Advanced Directing
TEL 431
Special Topics in Film
TEL 441
Special Topics In Speech/Drama
TEL 501
Digital Media Theory & Culture
TEL 511
Strategic Communication
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