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SWK 202
Intro to Soc Welf & Soc Work
SWK 205
SWK 301
Human Behavior I
SWK 302
Human Behavior II
SWK 304
Diverse Populations
SWK 305
Rural Human Service
SWK 308
The Black Experience
SWK 311
Child Welfare
SWK 312
Social Work Methods I
SWK 313
Social Work Methods II
SWK 314
Social Work Methods III
SWK 403
Social Welfare Policies
SWK 410
Social Work Research Methods
SWK 414
Field Instruction
SWK 414L
Field Instruction Seminar
SWK 415
Senior Seminar
SWK 500
Social Work Practice I
SWK 501
Social Work Practice II
SWK 510
Social Work Policy
SWK 511
Social Work Policy II
SWK 520
Human Behav & Social Envir I
SWK 521
Hbse II
SWK 522
Race & Ethnic Gender
SWK 523
Rural Urban
SWK 530
SWK 581
Field Practicum & Seminar I
SWK 587
SWK Empowerment
SWK 600
Social Work Intervention
SWK 601
Social Work Pract With Groups
SWK 602
Social Work In Mental Health
SWK 610
Family & Child Welfare
SWK 616
Issues & Policies
SWK 621
Family Theories
SWK 630
Needs Assessment & Prog Eval
SWK 631
Research Proj/Thesis
SWK 632
Thesis Option
SWK 642
Sexual Abuse Assessment
SWK 647
Social Work And Spirituality
SWK 660
Assessment Of Individuals
SWK 680
Field Prac & Seminar II
SWK 681
Fld Prac & Seminar III
SWK 689
Intergrative Seminar
SWK 698
Independent Study
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