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PSY 201
General Psychology
PSY 202
Hist & Systems of Psychology
PSY 211
Child Growth & Development
PSY 265
Elementary Statistics
PSY 303
Applied Psychology
PSY 307
Introduction to Research
PSY 320
Cognitive Psychology
PSY 325
Behavior Disorder in Children
PSY 340
Principles of Learning
PSY 360
Personality Theories
PSY 365
Psychology and The Law
PSY 402
Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 403
Educational Psychology
PSY 404
Seminar in Psychology
PSY 406
Industrial Psychology
PSY 415L
Physiological Psychology Lab
PSY 415
Physiological Psychology
PSY 416
Experimental Psychology
PSY 416L
Experimental Psychology Lab
PSY 421
Psychology Internship
PSY 471
Abnormal Psychology
PSY 482
Human Sexuality
PSY 485
Psychological Test
PSY 502
Des & Infer Beh Stat
PSY 507
Intro to Rehab Coun
PSY 508
Job Development & Placement
PSY 510
Rehab High and Low Technology
PSY 514
Life Span Develop Psychology
PSY 515
Experimental Psychology
PSY 516
Physiological Psy
PSY 530
Individual & Family Therapy
PSY 554
Medical Aspects
PSY 555
Person & Coun Theory
PSY 556
Group Dynamics
PSY 557
Org & Admin of Guidance
PSY 558
Use & Interpre of Tests
PSY 559
Counseling Technique
PSY 560
Occupational Psychology
PSY 561
Individual Testing
PSY 563
Learning Theory
PSY 585
Res in Psy & Couns
PSY 587
Cognitive Behavorial Psy
PSY 590
Personality Assessment
PSY 591
Psychosocial Aspect Disability
PSY 592
Prof Orientational/Issues
PSY 595
Counseling Diverse Pop
PSY 597
Counseling Practicum
PSY 599
Master's Thesis
PSY 605
PSY 610
PSY 612
School Counseling Intern
PSY 613
School Counseling Intern
PSY 616
Intern in Voc Rehab
PSY 617
Intern in Rehab Counsel
PSY 620
Counse Internship I
PSY 621
Counse Internship II
PSY 622
Clinical Internship I
PSY 623
Clinical Internship II
PSY 660
PSY 661
Need Assessment
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