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PHY 101
Physical Science I
PHY 101L
Physical Science Lab I
PHY 102
Physical Science II
PHY 102L
Physical Science Lab II
PHY 201
General Physics I Trig Based
PHY 202
General Physics II-Trig Based
PHY 213
General Physics with Cal I
PHY 214
General Physics with Cal II
PHY 218
Modern Physics
PHY 220
Intro to Astronomy
PHY 220L
Intro to Astronomy Lab
PHY 252L
Modern Physics Lab
PHY 303
Methods of Math Physics
PHY 321
Mechanics I
PHY 322
Mechanics II
PHY 331
Electricity & Magnetism I
PHY 341
Heat & Thermodynamic
PHY 401
PHY 421
Intro to Quantum Mechanics
PHY 440
PHY 442
Introduction to Aeronomy
PHY 451
Intro to Solid State Physics
PHY 455
Fund of Nano-Technology
PHY 500
Analytical Mechanics
PHY 503
Methods of Math Physics
PHY 505
Electromagnetic Theory
PHY 521
Quantum Mechanics I
PHY 610
Intro to Solar Terrestial Phys
PHY 620
Rado Wave Propg In The Ionsphe
PHY 632
Elements Of Material Science
PHY 634
Crystal Phy & Crystal Growth
PHY 635
Magnetic & Optical Pro of Mat
PHY 636
Semiconductor Physics
PHY 637
Sel Top In Mat Sci
PHY 642
Mat For Energy Prod Device
PHY 649
Geometrical Optics
PHY 651
PHY 657
Physical Optics & Interferom
PHY 663
Electro-Optical Physics
PHY 667
Ambient Energy Harvesting
PHY 670
Nonlinear Optics
PHY 671
Laser Physics
PHY 690
Introduction to Biophotonic
PHY 692
PHY 699
Master's Thesis
PHY 715
Fiber Optics
PHY 735
Materials For Rad Detectors
PHY 761
Nanostructures in Glasses
PHY 762
Fab & Charact of Heterostructu
PHY 764
Amorphous Organic Thin Films
PHY 792
Selected Topics
PHY 793
Selected Topics
PHY 796
Sel Topics in Material Science
PHY 799
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