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PED 102
Fitness For Life
PED 107
Gymnastics & Rhythms
PED 110
Flag Football Weight Training
PED 111
PED 113
Badminton Table Tennis Shuf
PED 114
Aerobics Weight Training
PED 122
PED 132
Aquatics/Beginning Swimming
PED 133
Intermediate Swimming
PED 137
Golf For Hper
PED 202
PED 207
First Aid & Cpr
PED 225
Individual Sports Skills
PED 226
Team Sport Skills
PED 250
Foundations Of Hper
PED 305
Material & Meth In Elem Phy Ed
PED 306
Mat & Meth In Secondary Pe
PED 315
Teaching Activity Sports
PED 409
Exercise Of Physiology
PED 412
Motor Behavior
PED 422
Fund Of Coach & Intramurals
PED 427
Adaptive Physical Education
PED 445
PED 495
PED 501
Sociology Of Sport & Pe
PED 504
Curr & Instruction In Pe
PED 506
Evaluation & Measurement
PED 509
Coaching Theory & Techniq
PED 511
Sci & Med In Sports
PED 512
Biomechanics Of Exer & Sports
PED 514
Current Readings In Phys. Ed
PED 516
Adaptive Physical Education
PED 595
Internship In Phy Educ
PED 598
Research In Pe And Sports
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