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MGT 207
Legal Environment & Ethics
MGT 250
Managerial Communication
MGT 315
Principles Of Managemnt
MGT 318
Business Law
MGT 332
Organizational Behavior/Theory
MGT 350
Managerial Communication
MGT 352
MGT 390
Elo In Management
MGT 397
Management Science
MGT 402
Independent Study
MGT 413
Production Operation Mgt
MGT 433
Human Resource Management
MGT 442
Strategic Mgt And Policy
MGT 458
International Business
MGT 465
International Mgt
MGT 510
Operations Management
MGT 515
Org Theory & Behav
MGT 516
Strategic Management
MGT 554
Training And Development
MGT 564
Human Resource Mgt
MGT 565
Entrepre Small Business Mgt
MGT 595
Leadership In Organizations
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